Summer Christmas Dance (Happiness, Humor)

There is still a lot of joy and magic in her world, fortunately. She skips. She sings. She laughs. Of course, she has her off moments, but they are the exception. I was reminded of her magical world recently after we had gotten out of the pool. Couldn’t find her, but I could hear her singing.

Me – “Where are you?”

Her – “In the closet?”

Oh, the walk-in closet…

Me – “What are you doing in there?”

Her – “Dancing.”

I peaked in and saw her dressed in a leotard dancing with a Christmas ornament.

Her – “I was just thinking about Christmas!”

Love it. In July dancing blissfully in a dark closet with a Christmas ornament.

I wonder if I’ll understand that sort of joyful living again. As adults, it’s so easy to fall in to doing things in order to be happy or being happy only when others meet our expectations. Meanwhile, kids show us what it means to just be happiness. It’s a marvel, something sacred that I want to protect and nurture for her as long as possible. I also observe it and learn from her, hoping to catch up, over time.

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