Yummy Spot (Bedtime routines, Power thinking, Law of attraction)

I have a few standard verbal rituals I draw from each night as I help her get to sleep.

+A few songs I sing including one I made up when she was a baby titled ‘You Are Love You Are Light’

+Saying “All is well, all is well, all is well. You are loved.”

+A series of affirming comments about her higher nature, purpose, being a powerful creator

+Asking her what she’s grateful for and thinking of someone to send our love to

Sometimes, she gets all of them. The point is for her to fall to sleep feeling wonderful.

Another one that I’ve used for years to help her settle and to feel good is to say after our verbal exchange

Me -“Ok, find your yummy spot.”

She’ll then lift her head over her pillow a bunch of times until she finds that exact, perfect, good-feeling spot. When she finds her pillow spot, she smiles with a great feeling of contentment and drifts off to sleep.

Tonight, I added a bit

Me – “Ok, find your yummy spot- that place where you feel loved, safe, happy, so satisfied, that positive place where things are flowing…”

She ate up every word that represent that spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical zone.

It’s interesting as I write this, in all the years I’ve done this with her, she’s never popped up from her pillow and said, “I’m not in the mood. I am too stressed. I can’t stop thinking about a problem I’m having”‘and so on.

Granted, she doesn’t have the concerns of your typical adult. But, still, it’s very clear to her that feeling wonderful in the Now is the foundation of the good life.

Even after eight years of seeing her live this way, I’m a little in awe of it.

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