Order Feels Good (Environment, Power of example, Law of attraction)

She and I crossed paths in our bathroom, and she pointed to her drawer, which she had been working on for the last hour.

Me – “Looks great. Now you inspired me to go and get my room tidied up.”

While I made my bed, she came over

Her – “And, look at my bed.”

Her bed had been made before mine and her room was immaculate.

Her – “Do you like it when I clean my room?”

Me – “I like it because I think it helps you to feel good, and that leads to good things.”

Her – “Yep.”

Not sure what prompted it this morning. Maybe its seeing how I’m keeping my home office immaculate. Maybe its Nonna being around here nudging her or seeing Papa tidying up, frequently. Or, it could be our visiting family, my sister who is very orderly or her cousins who are all very thoughtful and helpful with tidying up after meals. Maybe it’s her age or a combination.

Regardless, it’s nice to see her desire that for herself and do it on her own. Hoping she makes it her own desired habit early in life.

Order feels good.

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