Happy Car Vibration (Happiness, Humor, Law of attraction)

We were on our way to her first day of circus camp when I noticed a gecko on the hood of my car.

Me – “Another gecko! Oh, I think he hopped off. Good.”

Her – “It must be because it’s a happy car.”

I was amused by her thought process; happiness being her filter for life and the notion that the car had a particular resonance that attracted happy geckos. But I also agreed with her sentiments.

Me – “Well, it must be a happy car because it has you in it.”

I thought about my happiness level compared to hers and was satisfied that mine is consistently high enough to warrant being added to the mix.

Me – “And because it has me in it, too. Our car has a happiness vibration. Now let’s hope other animals aren’t attracted to like lions!”

She agreed with my sentiments but did think it would be nice if birds were attracted to our car.

Ok, so we don’t agree on that.

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