Funky Vinegar Feet (Humor, Gratitude)

On the way back from picking her up from Circus camp, I turned back to see her bare feet on the back of the passenger car seat.

Me – “Hey! Get your funky, vinegar feet off the seat!”

Her – “They’re not even dirty!”

Me – “Oh, really? You don’t think walking around circus camp all day barefoot on that floor where hundreds of kids have walked with their funky, dirty, vinegar feet didn’t rub off on you?”

This led to a discussion on athlete’s foot; what it is, how you get it, etc. She got home, washed her hands and feet and approached me at my desk.

Her – “Da, be thankful that I don’t have fungus on my feet,” she giggled.


Me – “Yeah, I’ll add that to my gratitude list. Thank you.”

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