A New Sheriff in Town (School, Grandparents)

First day of school. Got a call from one of her teachers who happens to be a close family friend. She was smiling as she talked.

Teacher – “So, I had to call you and tell you this.”

Me – “What’s that?”

Teacher – “She came up to me today and said, ” Ms. M, I just had the best lunch ever.” I said, “Did your grandma make it?” She said yes, and she showed me the meat, the beans, the sweet potato…”

I almost told her that my Mom slipped in a couple chocolates in the lunch, too. You’re not supposed to, but my Mom didn’t know, and I didn’t stop her, because, really, how can you argue with giving someone chocolate, let alone your own daughter? Besides I have to break rules here and there to deal with all the rules at a school. It’s like a release from my disdain for the notion of obedience.

Anyway, I digress.

In year’s past, her teachers have said to me, “Can you make lunches for us, too?” They were impressed with the extra lengths I would go to to send different, healthy meals. Indeed, I have my Mom’s gene of going the extra mile.

But you can’t top her, I guess.

There’s a new sheriff in town, and her name is “Nonna.”

Not to say I’ll be looking for my Mom’s help. That’s not my style on these things. But she’s an Italian Mom and a Nonna to boot. It’s not really an option to not get help. It will be a here and there thing, of course, as it’s still Daddy’s job.

But it doesn’t sound like my daughter will complain one bit when Nonna is at the helm of her lunches. 🙂

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