Love in Action (Love)

We were thick into her night-time ritual, tickles completed, affirming words spoken, and it was snuggle time.

Feeling overly blessed, I reflected on my good fortune.

Me – “We have a great relationship, don’t we?”

She murmured agreement, and I proceeded to list some of the reasons why.

Me – “We’re loving with each other. We apologize to each other if we get off course. We are honest and open with each other. We have playful moments…”

This must have triggered something about being your word as I had used the phrase ‘talk is cheap’ in a recent conversation about making changes.

Her – “So, talk is cheap when you say ‘I love you’?”

Me – “No, because I match my words with actions. Some people say, “I love you” all sweetly but they don’t back it up.”

Her – “Do I show you?”

Me – “Bear, every day.”

She smiled, nestled into her pillow and drifted off to sleep.

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