Using Our Brains (Powerful thinking, Choice, Success, Spirituality)

Looking for the right balance

Recently, we headed out to circus camp. As I reached the end of the driveway, a tractor for cutting grass zoomed inches by my car. So close to a disaster.

Her – “God didn’t want us to crash.”

I was surprised by her fatalistic comment.

As I turned onto the road-

Me – “God didn’t want us to crash?”

Her – “No.”

Me – “Hmmm… well, does God want me to be driving down this road, right now?”

Her – “Yes.”

Me – “Well, I imagine God wants me to veer to the left a bit and not his this biker, too.”

She agreed.

Me – “So, it’s all planned out? God is deciding everything?”

She nodded.

Me – “Well, I think God gave us (or created the environment for our prefrontal cortex to evolve into what it is) a brain, too, and the ability to make choices. Take having a healthy body, for example. Does God want people to be obese and unhealthy? I don’t think so. But I think it comes down to our individual choices.”

I then proceeded to get lost into an esoteric soliloquy about God and the mystery of the perfection of what unfolds in our lives versus our own ability to choose our way in life.

Me – “Nobody knows the balance,” I lamented.

By this time we were a few miles along, and she pulled me out of my trance with a very pragmatic request.

Her – “Daddy, I need hair clips for circus camp!”

Within seconds, I was pulling into a parking spot at Walgreens.

Her – “Good thinking, Daddy.”

I chuckled to myself at her comment given that I had just been telling her that God gave us a brain to use.

What my point is with this story, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that if God wanted me to stop for hair pins, which I highly doubt, my girl made a good choice to speak up, and I made a good choice to take a right turn. On the other hand, maybe she was prompted to speak up and a collision was averted by us stopping.

You just don’t know in this crazy thing called life. You think it’s all choice, and somehow things work out in ways you could never plan with your conscious mind. In other situations, you have faith that things will work out, and Life seems to be waiting for you to choose.

Nobody knows the balance.

That’s why I’m fond of the phrase, ‘Pray as though it’s up to God and work (and choose) as though it’s up to you.’

Now that seems like a decent balance.

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