Habitual Satisfaction (Happiness, Power thinking, Bedtime rituals)

Making a habit of feeling satisfied early in life

She’s a happy camper as it is, and, I intend to help her keep it that way. Her daily life experience is obviously paramount and a part of that, as all parents know, is having mindful conversations. Tonight at bedtime, after she had finished reading and had settled in to drift off mode…

Me – “You had quite a wonderful day, didn’t you?”

Her – “Mmh.” (agreeing)

Me – “Nonna and Papa took you to school. You enjoyed school and made a new friend. You had an unexpected play date with Gabby. We had a great dinner with Nonna and Papa (with facilitated conversation). Papa got you a lollipop…”

I went on listing a handful of other things and she nodded, agreeing.

Me – “Wow, that was a wonderful day in your life. You lived it well.”

The message that I hope she learns (or keeps going as I think she does it already) is to take satisfaction in the little things. After all these years, I’d have to say that doing this day to day is probably the best way to keep the good feelings going and the good things coming. But I think it takes a little daily effort to stop and review them and savor the moments and decisions that lit the way.

Helping her of course helps me do this better in my own life, not to mention just watching her go through life as she is…

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