Let’s Work Together (Consciousness, Teamwork)

This afternoon, on the way home from school pick-up, I decided to take a turn into a store for one of our favorite drinks. After making the left turn, we encountered a long line preventing us from turning into the parking lot. So, I drove to the end of the line where there was barely enough room between the last car and the last entrance into the parking lot. The lady in the car, had she been looking, could have seen us trying to get in and the large gap between her and the next car in front of her, but she didn’t. She was texting. I gave her a friendly honk. She didn’t budge. I honked several other times. Nothing. Her texting was all that mattered. Now, it could have been something incredibly important, but it looked rather selfish.

Me – “Like she’s the only one on the road,” I lamented.

Then, for my girl, I added…

Me – “We’ve all got to work together out here. We’ve got to work together to make it work.”

I wasn’t really trying to say anything profound, but it occurred to me that that sort of mentality, which reflects a unity consciousness, is important to hear. It’s not just what helps us or our family. There is our community, too, and, of course, the world. Talking about it in the thick of like seems to make sense.

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