We Help Each Other (Consciousness, Family, Being of service)

She came over to the couch were I was sitting, pushed my shoulders and neck back and made me sit up straight while I was on my phone. She’s after me all the time as she’s heard my comments about kids growing up with ‘text neck,’ so she’s on my case as I get on hers when she’s on the tablet.

Anyway, I chuckled because she was looking out for me shortly after I had been looking out for my Mom with drinking water, and, of course, my Mom is always looking out for others.

Me – “See, I look out for Nonna drinking water. You look out for me on my phone. I look out for you in not watching too much TV. That’s what families do. They lookout for each other.”

Of course, these messages about family, friends, community are given in thousands of ways over the course of a childhood, but those struck me today as they just sort of came out in the moment.

We’re in it to win it… together.


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