Excited Because (Happiness, Aliveness, Power thinking)

Excited just because she’s excited

The other day, I woke up with an especially excited feeling. A combination of good sleep, feeling grateful, having clear goals that I was enthusiastic about. She woke up soon after and I shared my sentiments…

Me – “I’m excited to be alive!”

Her – “Me, too.”

Me – “I’m excited about my day ahead!”

Her – “I’m excited about… anything!”

Cracked me up.

She’s still at that age where the feeling of joy tends to just flow and pulse as a part of being alive. It doesn’t need reasons or to be cultivated as much as it does when you’re older.

Hope she can stay that way for a long time. If not, she’s seeing from me that she can grow up to be an adult who cultivates enthusiasm for life and the day ahead.

I’m sure she’ll take it to new levels…

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