Tuned Up for Her Day (Power thinking, Morning routines, Making the journey fun, Moments)

School mornings consist of two objectives:

1) Getting her going w/shower, dressed, breakfast, lunch packed and out the door on time

2) Trying, as often as I can, to winder her up from a sleepy state to a vibrant state

This morning combined both simultaneously.

Was in the kitchen putting the final touches on her lunch when I heard some soft steps behind me. Her arms reached around my waist and she said, “Daddy!”

I turned and picked her up and held her close. Then, I started dancing around the kitchen with her while singing affirmations. One of her favorites is “I love life, I love people, I love what I’m up to…”

That phrase stems from a couple years ago when I asked her, “Why are you so happy almost all the time?” She replied, “I don’t know. I just love life, and I love people.”

Back to this morning-

Other affirming phrases were added on and then I circled back to the “I love life, I love people, I love what I’m up to…”

Finally, I dipped her to end our dance and set her down.

Me – “Okay, get dressed.”

She skipped off. In the playroom, I heard her singing to herself-

Her – “I love life…”

All tuned up for a great day. Mission accomplished!

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