Habits You’ll Need (Fostering independence, Positive habits, Responsibility, Setting example)

When she finally woke up, the morning rituals started. After picking up her blanket, I found myself in her room making her bed. I stopped myself

Me – “What am I doing? Why am I making your bed? That’s your job.”

Her – “Because you’re a Daddo.”

Me – “Well, a Daddo helps her daughter to learn to do the things she can do for herself.”

Her – “When I was little, I couldn’t make it.”

Me – “But you’re not that little now, and you’re fully capable of doing it. It’s important for you to establish good habits when you’re young, because good habit are the basis of a good life. Okay?”

Her – “Okay.”

That’s when I realized that I better hustle over to my room and make my bed!

I certainly don’t expect this conversation to result in her making her bed all the time. But it’s a starting point.

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