Effective Perspectives (Seeing the best in others)

We were driving. Out-of-the-blue…

Her – “You’re a big kid.”

Me – “I’m a kid? Why?”

Her – “You have an adult body, but you’re still a kid inside.”

Thinking that she was pondering my visit to her school in the morning where I volunteered on science experiments. Hammed it up with the kids to dramatize otherwise routine projects. I also thought about all the times I am serious with her or in life, generally.

Me – “I have my adult moments.”

Her – “You do, but you’re still a kid.”

Me – “Well, I’m glad you see me that way.”

Her comment makes me want to be more playful; to try to bring even more moments to each day. Will stretch myself so that she looks back and thinks, “Growing up with him was so much fun. I remember this time when he…”

Funny how the way others see us can affect us.

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