Noticing the Beauty (Consciousness, Innocence of a child, Love, Life focus)

On occasion, over the years, I’ve asked her what makes her so happy. Usually, I get, “I don’t know.” But then I press further. My favorite answer was, “I just love life, and I love people.” So simple. So profound. After all, as adults, it’s easy to become a bit jaded on both.

Other times, it’s just a moment where I get a window into her thinking

This morning, when she woke up, she popped up from her slumbering state. I had been next to her for a while and was visualizing my week and day ahead, focused on outcomes

Her – “Daddy!”

I turned towards her

Her – “Look at the beautiful sunlight. The sun is rising.”

Me – “That’s a beautiful thought to start your day.”

She smiled

Me – “You’re beautiful and life is beautiful.”

Her – “Everyone is beautiful.”

I pondered that for a moment. My adult self reflected for a moment on the ugliness in the world at the hands of we adult humans. But then I thought that, true, most people, if not all, had beautiful aspects to them and, indeed, were once just innocent babies. And, perhaps, from a much higher aspect, even the ugliness was part of some unfolding perfection and beauty. Finally, my thoughts turned turned towards her and how she still saw life and people in unvarnished ways.

Me – “Yes, everyone has beauty in them.”

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