Role Reversal (Humor, Teamwork, Making it fun, Single parenting)

Fell asleep next to her putting her to bed again. Woke up five hours later at 1:30am. Decided to toy around with some writing projects. Went to bed at 4:30am. Tossed and turned and overslept until 7:30am. She woke up first-

Her – “I want to get to school very early today.”

Me – “Well, it’s too late for that. Go check the time.”

I had heard my phone chime with Michael Bublè a good while back

She got up

Her – “7:33.”

Me – “We need to be pulling out of the driveway now. Get dressed.”

I rolled over, exhausted, under the covers. From her room she called over

Her – “Get up.”

Me – “Make me. You would have to tackle me to get me up.”

In a flash, I heard her quick steps, the swish of her diving…


Ready for the day!

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