Happens in a Moment (Playfulness, Making life fun, Memories)


Had just finished a lesson and was rolling the balls off court, and she appeared.

Her – “Daddy, can we play that game where we see if we can get it in the basket and we win prizes?”

My first instinct was to be a boring, tired adult and say no, but I decided to seize the moment, loosen up, and enrich her day. It was a good opportunity for the two of us to have some quality time.

Me – “Sure.”

We lined up about ten feet from the basket of balls with a handful of our own balls. I decided to see if I could win things for her.

Me – “If I make this, you get a left foot massage!”

Nailed it.

Her – “Yay! Okay, if I make this, then you get a neck massage!”

Nailed it.

Me – “Bam! Okay, if I make this then the next time I see your shoes out I will accept it, pick them up and put them away myself.”

Missed it.


On and on we went.

In the end, she had won a neck massage and a back massage for me. I had won a list of things for her:

+Play hide and seek after dinner
+Take her to bed in a train (me acting like one)
+Dance to some fun music right before bed
+Massage her left foot
+Massage her right foot big toe
+Wrestle for five minutes
+Wake her up in the morning by standing over her and flapping my arms like a chicken while yodeling
+Give her love-filled good night kiss right above her nose

I headed into shower, and she took out her notepad and scribbled them all down to show me. She wasn’t going to let me forget any of them!

Needless to say, it was a fun night as I checked off all my promises. This morning, she woke up happy and smiling, and that’s what it’s all about. Of course, she reminded me of my duty to act like a yodeling chicken.

Parenting choices that can make all the difference in a child’s day… they happen in a moment.

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