There Is Enough Time (Being there, Quality time)

Her – “Can you come today? Please?”

Cue heartstrings being pulled

Me – “Well, I really need to focus on things that will create the kind of opportunities and experiences I want for you and for me.”

Her – “Please? You didn’t go last year. The year before you went.”

She was talking about a field trip with her school to a local theater.

Me – “Honey, I already spend more time with you than most parents get to spend with their kids. We have soccer practice together tonight, a game tomorrow…”

Her – “Okay.”

She always ends up being a good sport once the bigger picture is explained.

After I had dropped her off at school, though, I got to thinking –

Me – “How long would it really take for me to go see a short play. More importantly, how long is she going to want you to come to events that her friends are at, too?”

So, I drove down to the theater, found my way in and spotted her little head among the sea of young people. Sneaked up next to where she was siting and sat down. Her face lit up. Her mouth opened wide.

Her – “Daddy!”

Definitely worth the trip.

The play was on the story ‘The Velveteen Rabbit,’ a classic tale that I used to read to her when she was very young. Hearing the story brought to life was wonderful.

As to the question of whether I should have been ‘focused’ on work. Well, wouldn’t you know, I learned of four new skilled actors from attending. At least two of them I could see playing parts in my tennis series and really lighting up the screen. We’re trained to think of scheduling and manifesting in a linear manner. The truth is, the Universe needs no such timetables or constructs.

Most importantly, she’ll always remember that I surprised her at the theater.

There is enough time.

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