Helping Her Know Herself (Authenticity, Passion, Clarity)

Helping Her Know Herself

Decided to sit down with her and make her annual list of her Interests. It was interesting to watch.

‘Being Happy and Loving’ went right to the top of the list. ‘Skipping’ as number two explains why she was skipping mindlessly in our soccer game yesterday at times while I hollered from the sideline to focus! Interesting that ‘Being Silly’ in the form of expressiveness is so high and discouraged in school. ‘Tennis,’ sadly gets last place but that is because I have just taught her technique. It may rise, over time.

It’s a beautiful list that I will use to support her in living the most authentic childhood. Of course, it will shift over the years. Will be curious to see how it evolves and what is just plain who she is an unchangeable.

After making it, she went from waking up happy to giddy. She wanted to dress up and go out on the town.

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