She Knows Me Well (Authenticity, Clarity, Purpose, Self-knowledge)

She knows me well

We were walking Diego, our guest dog. It was a cool, star-filled night. I’d been in the pondering mood all day

Me – “When you think of your Dad, what do you think most inspires him?”

Her – “Being with me.”

I smiled.

Me – “Well, that’s true.”

We walked on a bit. She would have been content with that answer

Me – “What else? When you think of what most excites me, what comes to mind?”

Her – “Your TV Show scripts.”

Me – “Not coaching?”

Her – “Coaching, too. No… actually, more your TV Show scripts.”

Me – “Creative writing and film production?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Sometimes, the people around us see our true nature and what excites us better than we can. It’s not confusing to them.

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