Because I Have You (Love, Gratitude, Stability)

We were driving home from a day of errands and a spontaneous visit to Nonna and Pappa for lunch and one of her favorite Netflix programs. I was lost in thought, probably caught between thinking about reality and what I want manifest.


Her – “I probably have the best life ever.”

Me – “Awww, why do you say that?”

Her – “Because I have you.”

My eyes watered. Sappy Daddy moment. Well, how could I not be touched?

Me – “What made you think of that?”

Her – “Because you’re my special Daddy. I mean, I have myself that is special, and I have you.”

Me – “It’s great that you recognize that your life is great because of your own spirit and self first, and it’s also great that you feel your life is great because of people who love you and can count on.”

I think those words “can count on” meant a lot to her.

She hugged me and we drove on while I quietly marveled at her happiness and fulfillment.

It is true that we have a special relationship and closeness. I always say, though, that it is the spirit she came in with that is most responsible for her contentment. She was that way as a baby, too. Her heart beats to the song of happiness, and she goes with the flow. Not to say that she doesn’t have her sassy moments with me or others, as she definitely does, but they are few and far between. I also credit my parents, her teachers, friends and other family members. All of them have given her that sense of living on a trampoline of love and rock solid support.

What better than your child feeling happy and fulfilled? So far so good…

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