Follow Your “I Don’t Know” (Creativity, Passion, Play, Imagination, Freedom)

Came in from meditating outside and saw my girl fiddling in her playroom.She had some sort of creation in her hand that combined various parts and pieces. I picked her up and spun her

Me – “What is this mischievous monkey up to?”

Her – “I don’t know.”

Me – “Good. Keep following your ‘I don’t know’ and see where it leads

Reminds me of something I read recently about people who generated breakthrough achievements for humanity, and there seems to be a pattern in that these breakthroughs came when they were just playing. They themselves didn’t call it work.

Not saying her contraption is a breakthrough for humanity. I’m just saying it’s worth playing in the field of following your creative impulses and seeing where they lead. Maybe it will just be enjoyment or create new ideas for later use. Doesn’t matter.

Just make time for Play and let the idea lead the way…


She Knows Me Well (Authenticity, Clarity, Purpose, Self-knowledge)

She knows me well

We were walking Diego, our guest dog. It was a cool, star-filled night. I’d been in the pondering mood all day

Me – “When you think of your Dad, what do you think most inspires him?”

Her – “Being with me.”

I smiled.

Me – “Well, that’s true.”

We walked on a bit. She would have been content with that answer

Me – “What else? When you think of what most excites me, what comes to mind?”

Her – “Your TV Show scripts.”

Me – “Not coaching?”

Her – “Coaching, too. No… actually, more your TV Show scripts.”

Me – “Creative writing and film production?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Sometimes, the people around us see our true nature and what excites us better than we can. It’s not confusing to them.