Cool Dad Membership (Freedom, Creative living)

Keeping my membership in the cool Dad club…

Yesterday, after her school day was over, she joined some home schoolers at a Microsoft coding session on how to create your own video game. She enjoyed it. Somehow the conversation rounded to the topic of her getting days off from school now and then, and, playfully, I threw in a compliment towards myself-

Me – “That’s because you have a cool Dad.”

Her – “You are a cool Dad.”


Her – “More than a cool Dad, an awesome Dad.”

Pause. I wondered what would top awesome.

Her – “More than a cool dad, a loving Dad.”

I was impressed that she put loving higher than awesome.

Her – “More than loving, a supermulous Dad!”

By that time, we had arrived at my parents. She asked something she has never asked while out driving-

Her – “Can I drive the car into the driveway from the street?”

Me – “I’m not that cool a Dad”

But then I looked around and thought about it being nighttime on a safe road with no-one around and life being short and childhood happening only once…

Three Words (Love, Bedtime rituals)

Three words

She was falling asleep and almost in dream land. Softly, I said…

Me – “I treasure you.”

With her eyes still shut, a big, happy smile spread out across her face, and she nuzzled into me. Moments later, she was asleep.

Another good day at the office of being a kid for her and of being a Daddy for me.

A Grateful Heart (Gratitude, Fulfillment, Family)

The other day, spontaneously. She walked up to me and expressed appreciation for her life…

Her – “I am a really lucky girl, aren’t I?”

Before Christmas, I was concerned that we had gone overboard with the gifts. It was nice to hear this.

Me – “What made you think of that?”

Her – “I don’t know. My family. My friends.”

Me – “I’m really happy to hear you say that and to hear that you realize that and feel that way.”

As long as she can keep this appreciative mindset, I’m sure her life will be rich and rewarding, indeed.