Olympic Sock Champions (Humor, Playfulness)

Yep. I intended to get her to sleep by 8:30pm. Didn’t happen. I intended to wake her up from her peaceful slumber by 7am. Didn’t happen. So, we were operating at warp speed to get to school. There were moments where I felt like using a loud, urgent voice, but I refrained. This morning, I made it playful. I sprinted across the house like I was being chased by a wild boar, getting dressed, finishing packing her lunch, all while singing a movie thriller type song. She played along, of course, and zoned in. Out the door we raced, collapsing in the car just in time to leave on time to make it to school on time. I breathed a sigh of relief, handed over her avocado breakfast and started pulling out.

Her – “Oh no, I forgot a sock.”

Moment of decision.

That lecturing side of me wanted to come up and give her a piece of my mind. But it was just a flash. It was replaced quickly with a thought-

Me – “This is my fault. I got her to bed late. I got her up late. It’s way too little time for her.”

I felt that playful Daddy surging.

Me – “Let’s do it!”

I opened the car door and started bolting towards the house singing my cinematic movie theme. She knew I was making it fun, so she played right along, sprinting with me. As we raced through the house to our bedroom areas, we were both laughing.

Seeing one in her playroom

Me – “There!”

Her – “It doesn’t match size.”

We laughed and ran on. I went to the laundry pile and she to her room. Moments later-

Her – “Got it!”

We raced, laughing to the car and collapsed pulling out about 1 minute late. As I pulled out of our driveway, the bus, signaling we were a bit behind schedule passed us.

Me – “To a safe and fun journey.”

We arrived at school on time without speeding. It was just in time for her to get to carline.

It’s such a stupid thing to be there by 8am, it’s a wonder I ever play along, but I did.

It’s not being on time that I’m pleased with, though. It’s that, in the thick of life and facing pressure and an unmet expectation with her sock, I took responsibility and chose understanding and playfulness.

A parenting win.

God knows, one stumbles here and there enough as a parent. It’s always nice to see signs of growth. She might actually remember that one morning where we were Olympic Champions, racing through our house for a matching sock.

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