Your Heart Knew (Authentic path, Mystery of Life, Listening to your heart)

It was a typical day in that, after school, we stopped off at a local health food store for a snack. She grabbed my hand leaned into me as we approached the entrance.

Her – “I love you.”

Me – “How did I get so lucky to have you for a daughter?”

Her – “Because you love me.”

Me – But, before you were born, I had no idea that I even wanted a child.”

Her – “Your Heart knew.”

Me – “You’re saying that my Heart knew what my mind didn’t?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Often, we are confused about what we want in life. Our minds become fixated with notions that we think will fulfill us. But, somewhere deep inside, our Heart knows what we want all along. We have to try to listen to the whispers and feel its pull.

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