The Sweetest Words (Love, Slowing down, Being present)

Dinner was done, and I was cleaning dishes. Being aware of the time on a fading school-night, I felt the need to keep her focused.

Me – “Honey, get your dessert now because it’s almost bedtime.”

Her – “I know, I just want to give you a huggie.”

For a brief moment, I thought about how it was unnecessary as she’d be wrapped in my nightly snuggles in just a few minutes. But it’s pretty hard to say no to your child asking for a hug.

Me – “Ok.”

As I took her in my arms, she laid her head on my shoulder and let out a long, happy sigh. Then she looked up at me with soft, smiling eyes.

Her – “Your love makes my spirit brighten.”

I was certainly glad I hadn’t let my adult task-mode get the better of me and brushed her off. Those may be some of the sweetest words I’ll hear in this lifetime.

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