Defined By Joy (Happiness, Success, Self-esteem)

She knows her true value

We were at the grocery store waiting to check out. I had my debit card out and ran it under her arm pit-

Me – “Let’s see how much you’re worth…

She waited…

Me – “Trillions! Trillions!”

Her – “I’m not worth anything.”

Her comment horrified me as it’s so opposite from the message she has heard from me her entire life and how she speaks about herself, usually.

Me – “You’re worth trillions!”

But she interrupted to explain…

Her – “I’m not worth money. I’m worth Joy.”

If it had been a competition on who could say the wisest thing, once again, point for the child. No way to top that.

She repeated it again as she twirled off…

Her – “I’m worth Joy… Joy!”

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