The 5 Second Laugh (Happiness)

In the first edition of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ there is a lady quoted who was in her 90s then and surely passed on by now who said, “If I could do my life over I’d seek nothing but moments and more moments.” I think about that from time to time. I’m working on emphasizing that in my daily journey with my daughter, among the driving, the “pick up your shoes” and everything else.

This morning, we were on the way to school. I was in an especially happy, inspired and giddy mood having been up since 2:30am and feeling good. I was so happy that it was annoying, in fact.

At one point, in the car, we both laughed about something silly

Me – “There. That. Moments like that shared between people where there is laughter. That’s what life is about. Don’t you think?”

She agreed.

It was just five seconds out of our day.

I heard it once said that people who seek happiness genuinely fail as they define it as this big thing that is conditional. If, instead, we’d put the focus on generating (not waiting for) fun-loving moments with the people in our daily lives, we’d experience more happiness.

Might be true.

She agreed, and when it comes to deeper life wisdom, I tend to trust the instincts of a child over books and ‘learned’ adults.


Don’t wait for them to show up.
Generate them.

Maybe it’s not the entire formula, but it’s certainly part of it.

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