A Worthy Daddy Goal (Love)

We were driving back from Disney where we had just celebrated her 9th birthday for a few days. I expected her to collapse in exhaustion in the car, but she was positively giddy and silly. She loves to be silly. One thing led to another…

Me – “I think I’m going to make it a goal to be a little more loving every year and a little sillier every year.”

Her – “How about a lot more loving?”

Me – “Do I need to be?”

She laughed

Her – “No, you’re already like 100% loving.”

Me – “Ok, now I am definitely not that. I do get upset about things now and then and raise my voice here and there.”

Her – “You’re probably 89% loving.”

My turn to laugh

Her – “How about me? Am I 100%?”

I reflected momentarily on the noticeable increase in the last few months of sharp looks and folded arms resistance to getting advice.

Me – “You’re probably 95% loving.”

She gave me a light smack in the arm.

Me – “See. You just smacked me.”

She laughed at the irony of it.

Me – “You’re probably 97% loving.”

She liked that number. I like it, too.

Maybe if I truly act on my goal of becoming a little more loving and a little sillier each year, I’ll catch up to her, one day.

Doubt it, though.

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