Preventing an Ant Attack (Humor, Creative thinking)

It caught my attention as I zoomed by.

Me – “Oh, hey, here’s that lollipop I picked up for you at the store.”

Her – “Can I have it now?”

Me – “Use your own judgment.”

She had already told me earlier that she had had enough sugar for one day. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her conflicted mind expressed on her face.

Moments later, she approached me with her answer.

Her – “If I don’t eat it, the sugar ants will get to it.”

Clever. Five points for creative thinking.

Ten minutes later I asked her if she ate it as I saw no evidence.

Her – “No, you said I couldn’t.”

Me – “I said use your own judgment.”

Her – “And my judgment was to not eat it yet.”

Another five points.

Me – “Okay, well put it somewhere where the ants don’t get to it.”

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