Piano Life Lessons (Building character, Follow through, Being patient with growth)


Two weeks ago, I took her to a piano lesson with our friend Deirdre. My girl promised to practice but didn’t.

So, I asked her to call Deirdre up and ask her if she wanted her to practice for the next two weeks or come over for a piano lesson. Deirdre said to come over. I took the phone then and Deirdre and I discussed it further.

Deirdre – “She’ll just be starting at the same place, and maybe she’ll realize that isn’t what she wants.”

Me – “Okay. I just want her to honor your time, my time driving and waiting, and her promises. If, ultimately, she decides that piano is not her thing, that’s fine. But as long as she says she wants to do it, then she needs to follow through.”

The lesson went very well. Deirdre made an additional great point; that maybe she doesn’t know exactly what to practice. Deirdre gave her a practice routine and urged her to practice ten minutes a day as well as a sheet for her to log her practices.

While ten minutes a day won’t work for our schedule, I think my girl is starting to see that to advance in anything she has to back up her wants with work. My hope is that she’ll learn to pick some days of the week and follow through.

Even if she doesn’t stick with piano, she’s learning some valuable life lessons.

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