Yay for Both (Health, Cultivating healthy eating, Personal responsibility)

We were having a late lunch at Panera’s. We both ordered a big salad and the broccoli cheddar soup. That’s generally what I want her to order, something green salad-based.

Anyway, I looked at her plate and noticed that she didn’t order a side of bread.

Me – “You don’t eat much bread, do you?”

Her – “No.”

Me – “Or cereal, or pasta or any sort of grain product?”

Her – “No.”

Me – “And you don’t eat much dairy.”

Indeed, her diet and her healthy eating mindset, with her share of sweets here and there, is sky high.

Me – “Yay.”

Her – “Yay for me or yay for both?”

Me – “Yay for both of us.”

One of the things I’m most proud about as a parent would be the healthy eating mindset and lifestyle that is second nature to her now. It’s just what she’s grown up with. Of course, if it was all just a matter of example, then she would be addicted to chocolate like me, too. So, credit to her for taking ownership of healthy choices.

Side note to this… she did order a cookie with her meal I realized. However, the generally very low grain consumption is the point. It’s in-grained.

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