Her Persistent Question (Spirituality, Being present, Curiosity)

Tonight, we were in the car when out-of-the-blue she said something unusual…

Her – “Daddy, I have something to tell you.”

Me – “Okay…”

I shut off the car radio to be fully present as this sounded important.

Her – “You know how when you ask the meaning of a word it gives you another word?”

Me – “Uh…”

She tried to explain, but I didn’t understand. Our conversation went on to other things, but I returned as she had made a point about wanting to tell me about it.

Somehow, the word ‘absolute’ came up.

Her – “What does that mean?”

Me – “Done?”

Her – “What does that mean?”

Me – “Finished.”

Her – “What does that mean?”

This continued on and on. As it proceeded, I had to really think about it. Sometimes, I was quiet for a good while before coming up with the word.

My answers to her persistent question…

“There’s nothing more to do”
















Her – “What does that mean?”

I decided to leave it at that. We were home, walking in the door, and I wanted her to hop in the shower, get ready for bed and finish off our day with Harry Potter.

It was interesting, though, to see where her one question led.

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