A Crappy Song for a Laugh (Peaceful parenting, Unmet expectations, Playful moments)

She’d had a play date with one of her best friends from school. We then had dinner at Nonna and Papa’s. I had her brush her teeth there before we headed back home, and, predictably after playing hard all day, she fell asleep in the car. I carried her in.


She would fall asleep on schedule for a full night’s sleep to wake up happy and bright-eyed for the final day of school this week.

Uhh… not so fast.

She murmured a request for snuggles. Okay. Within moments, she started writing around and groaning.

Her – “It hurts.”

Me – “What?”

Her – “I can’t go to the bathroom.”

She was blocked up. Was it lack of water intake? Lack of green leafy veggies? I try to stay on top of both of those every day. Maybe it was those dry, wheat-based goldfish crackers she and her friend had scarfed down.

In any case, I prepared myself for the inevitable. My expectations of her being asleep and waking up on time would not be met. Frustration would do no good.

Me – “Try going to the bathroom again. Remember to prop your feet up on the rim.”

Her – “Okay.”

No luck.

Me – “Well, I’ll give you a little back massage, and maybe you’ll settle.”

Five minutes later, she was still wincing.

Me – “Try other positions, like curling up in a ball.”

Her – “Daddy, I tried that.”

She tried again, though. No luck.

Me – “Do you want to take a warm bath?”

That had worked in the past when this happened. It hadn’t cleared her system, but it had relaxed her enough to fall asleep until morning.
Twenty minutes later, the night droning on, she was back in her bed, still in pain.

I consciously managed my way of being, telling myself that, at this point, it didn’t matter. She’d fall asleep when she was ready, and she’d sleep in. Tardy points be damned. Well being comes first, always, for me.

Me – “How about the trampoline? That could get things moving.”

She got out of bed and started hopping up and down on her mini-trampoline. It was sort of funny, at this point. She laughed. I decided to turn it into a full-fledged memory. Grabbed my wooden flute and started dancing around while playing a crappy song, no pun intended, and coming up with a tune.

“Come out poo.
Come out poo.
Come into to the world.
Come be you.”


“Come out poo.
Come out poo.
Come out now.
Stop acting like glue.”

She let out a big laugh, which made me dance around even more in a more silly state.

Breathing hard, she laid down in bed.


Me – “Hmmm… would you like hot water with lemon?”

Her – “Yeah.”

By now she was very sleepy. It was almost 11pm.

A few minute later, she took a sip.

Her – “This is making me very sleepy.”

I chuckled.

Off she went to sleep.

We didn’t get to school on time. I alerted the teachers that we’d be an hour late. It was a nice, gentle awakening, and the coast was clear soon after she woke up, if you know what I mean.

To top it all off, we’ll always have that memory of the flute and the trampoline.

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