Daddy Improv (Problem-solving)


She appeared in front of me. Her voice was laced with satisfaction.

Her – “Daddy, do you like my outfit?”

Indeed, from head to toe, she had, as she is prone to do, quickly and cleverly assembled a creative yet tasteful ensemble of clothes.

Me – “It’s great. I like how your headband goes with your shirt. Only… what about a school shirt.”

Her – “I don’t have any. They’re all at mamma’s.”

Me – “Really? Why? Those need to be here. Anyway, you can always wear one from the sports event day.”

She let out a barely audible groan. It didn’t fit with her fashion intentions.

Her – “I want to wear the grey one.”

Me – “The one you wore yesterday? It’s in the car, but I’m sure it’s dirty.”

I had to go to the car anyway, so I fetched it, and, sure enough, it had stains. Hmmm…

For me, the sports shirt, clean, folded and ready for action was going to be too hot.

So, I dowsed the spots on the grey one with laundry detergent, rubbed them out and plopped the wet mass in the dryer with ten minutes until we departed.

It was not dry in time.

No problem. We’d do this the Daddy Improv way.

On the way to school, I hung it out the window. She thought it was amusing.

After about five minutes, it was ready to be worn.

Problem solved. Fashion intentions for the day still in check. Happy girl. Lighter clothing on a hot day. Satisfied Daddy.

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