I Just Want to Say I Love You (Connection, Love)

She had enjoyed a full day.

Her pal Ryan had been over for yet another sleep over to watch Harry Potter 3 the night before, and then, after pool time, his parents took them to see ‘Wonder Woman.’

In the evening, she, Nonna and Papa and I went to some friends of mine for dinner. They have two very young kids, and it was the first time I remember being in such a situation where she was the oldest child. She was lovely with the younger kids, and I was thrilled to see this nurturing side of her.

At bedtime, tired from an already full weekend, she collapsed in bed.

I checked in with her as I do now and then by asking about her inner world. Even if she doesn’t answer with anything specific, it’s a way of letting her know I’m always available to discuss what’s on her heart and mind.

Me – “Anything you want to talk about or share? Anything you want to ask?”

Her – “No, I just want to say I love you.”

And off she drifted to sleep.

Another good day.

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