Learning About Papa (Valuing grandparents, Family, New experiences)

My daughter hasn’t seen too many sides to Papa. She knows him as her grandfather whom she sees almost daily now that they live here in our town. She doesn’t know much about his career and many stints in volunteerism.

Last night, he was giving a talk to a Rotary Club on health, drawing from his own story of having overcome cancer through natural remedies. I took my daughter for a new experience and to support Papa. We’re in it to win it together is my mentality.

My Dad did a fine job with his presentation. She got to see him doing public speaking and presenting, which is good for her to see. Those are skills she will need in life, so it’s good to see that in our family we are comfortable with it. She also had the opportunity to develop her comfort in a new environment with people asking her questions.

After we left, she said that she wants to cut down on sugar and for me to do the same. So, I guess Papa had an impact.

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