The Summer of Creative Play Begins (Being a child, The drive to PLAY)

Yesterday, she finished third grade. Pictures with her long-time teachers. Dinner and beach time with friends. Going to sleep late topped off by sleeping in.

Ahh, the joy of sleeping in a bit. But not too much.

She has a playdate scheduled right away with one of her best pals, but the Play Gene in children has no switch. So, after she followed through on my insistence that she tidy up her various messes around the house, she got right to work being a kid.

While I was vacuuming I heard her voice

Her – “Daddy?”

Me – “Yeah?”

Her – “Do you have any borax?”

I chuckled. Here we go. Her concoctions…

Me – “Um… check the laundry room.”


Me – “Pantry.”


Closet in the hallway with cleaning supplies.


Her – “It’s okay, I’ll make something else.”

Me – “We can buy some later today. What are you making?”

Her – “Slime.”

Of course. Perfect way to kick off summer. Make slime.

While I pondered slime on the furniture, she found a rubber glove, filled it with water and turned it into her third hand, trying to play piano with it, waving to me with it from behind my computer.

And so the summer of creative play begins…

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