Secret Daddy Mission (Playfulness, Moments to remember)

She had a friend over a playdate.

They were crafting.

I was writing, cleaning and tending to them – the basics like chasing them, making them mac ‘n cheese and telling them to drink water four hundred times.

Anyway, I was feeling fantastic from the momentum I have with my creative projects, the house being in good shape and doing my push-ups. Spontaneously, I jumped in front of them at their table and exclaimed, “Yes! I love life, and I feel great!” I then went about jumping up and down on the trampoline around them.

As I headed off to the kitchen, my girl called out-

Her – “She just turned to me and shook her head.”

That made me laugh, so I headed back in there and amped it up, jumping on the mini-trampoline and gleefully belting out – “I love life, I love people, I love what I’m up to. I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m worth!”

Her friend was into it now and asked me to wear my daughter’s mood ring.


Her Friend – “That means you’re happy.”

Bam! Passed the test.

It was now time to leave them me in their world of imagination. So, I headed off to the kitchen to take care of some mundane tasks but simultaneously, oddly satisfied with the mess as it came from helping my daughter have a good day.

I wondered if that was a moment.

It’s been sort of a mission this year for me to add in even more playful moments into my daughter’s day. Maybe it’s because she’s getting older and I’m seeing my little girl disappear into a grown up girl.

So, maybe I created a memorable moment there. You never know what kids remember. Maybe years from now they’ll be hanging out, shopping in London, talking about things they remember from when they were kids. Maybe her friend says…

Her Friend – “Hey, remember that time your dad jumped into the room while we were making headbands and started pumping his fist all happy and crazy? We had him put that ring on to test his mood?”

Maybe they remember. Maybe they laugh. Maybe my daughter smiles thinking about a childhood filled with moments like that.

It’s a good mission… my secret Daddy mission.

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