Happy Days (Wisdom of a Child)

On our way to camp this morning, I was spouting off about being grateful and excited. Not surprisingly, I guess, I looked up to see a car in front of us with a license plate that read


Me – “Look at that license plate, Bear. It says thanks to all of life, maybe. That person is living with an attitude of gratitude.”

After some thought to myself…

Me – “On the other hand, maybe the person is thanking, Al, a person.”

Her – “If I had a license plate it would say ‘Happy Days.’

Me – “Hmmm… mine would say ‘Passion in Motion.’

We drove a bit more and then I added…

Me – “You know, ‘Happy Days’ is a great theme. It’s definitely how you approach life now. It would be a fantastic theme to keep for all of your life. Happy days, one day at a time.”

She nodded and murmured in agreement, and on we drove.

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