Snuggle Addiction (Bonding, Quality Time)

It’s safe to say that my daughter has a nightly Daddy snuggle addiction. Ending her day being snuggled by me is like breathing.

I understand as my Mom did the same with me growing up. I would whistle until she showed up in my room. Guess it’s in the genes.

Most days, I love snuggling her, especially as she is getting older and I know these days will pass. It’s my time to give her tickles, whisper sweet, affirming things, receive her little kisses, review highlights of her day, help her to express appreciation, and to see her marinating in contentment as she drifts off into the night. It’s sacred child and parent bonding time.

Admittedly, there are some days where I’m not keen on it. It’s usually after I’ve invested much of my day with her. By the time I have her to bed, I’m itching to get to my creative projects. But, still, her longing for snuggles nearly always wins out.

The other day, I asked her about it –

Me – “Why do you love snuggles so much?”

Her – “I don’t know.”

Me – “Well, what does it mean to you?”

Her – “Feeling comforted…”

Me – “What else?”

Her – “Feeling special.”

Me – “What else?”

Her – “Feeling loved.”

I really couldn’t think of anything to add to her statement or to inquire more about. She had summed it up and, in the process, reminded me why I do it. After all, what greater impact can I have on her than to impress upon her those feelings deep into her heart and mind – that she is secure, important and treasured.

By my calculations, if I go with a conservative 10 minute average nightly snuggle time multiplied by 300 days a year multiplied by 9.5 years, I’ve snuggled her 28,500 minutes or about 20 total days of her life invested in snuggles. And, that doesn’t count the countless times I fell asleep by her side from exhaustion.

Life passes us by in little chunks of time invested and wasted. A life well lived is one where at least 80% of our time is invested in what is most important to us.

Her words and her happy spirit tell me it’s been a wonderful investment. So, onward with the Daddy snuggle addiction until she naturally grows out of it…

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