Happiness Business (Happiness, True success)

We had just practiced her soccer skills, and now it was time to head to the community pool where my parents live. We were on a quest to check off ‘Mastering Freestyle’ from her summer list of goals. She had prepared by watching another YouTube video on proper breathing technique. As we sauntered outside, I suddenly realized my time window was bit tight.

Me – “I only have about 30 minutes for this because I need to get to a meeting.”

Her – “Can I come?”

Me – “Well, it’s sort of a creative, business meeting.”

Her – “Awww… I started my own business.”

Me – “You have? What is your business about?”

Her – “Happiness.”

Me – “That’s interesting. You have a Happiness business?”

She sort of muttered back in a way as if to say that her thoughts probably didn’t make sense. I thought they did and pressed on for details.

Me – “So, your business offers Happiness?”

She nodded yes.

Me – “And how does your business profit from offering Happiness? You get Happiness?”

It was a leading question, but I figured it was okay as I knew where her thinking was going.

Her – “Yep. If you give Happiness then Happiness comes back to you.”

Me – “You know, I think everyone is in the Happiness business but we just forget it. I think your business is great and you should run it and grow it all of your life.”

She nodded in agreement and skipped off to open the screen door to the pool. I trailed behind contemplating the profundity of what she had so casually stated. For her, it wasn’t some wise utterance. It was just, well, how life is. Of course the business of life is Happiness.

They don’t teach you about this in school. It probably should have been lesson number one. That way we wouldn’t forget it as we get older.

The wisdom of a child.

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