Priceless Feelings (Bond, Quality Time, Love and Happiness)

Today, after her school, I read with her, facilitated completing her homework, practiced soccer skills and passing, and swam in the pool with her.

It had occurred to me once or twice during our series of activities that maybe I ought to be putting more time into my business projects in the afternoon. But everything needed to be tended to. She had made commitments to read, to practice soccer, to do some computer homework and, well, we almost always swim for a bit. I wanted to get a good start to our week with these commitments, and we had a good time.

On the way back from the pool to Nonna and Papa’s house she suddenly had a little love burst, something that often happens when I’ve spent quality time with her. Nevertheless, it was still unexpected…

Her – “I feel comforted being with you…

Before I could say anything she added-

Her – “…and safe, happy, and excited!”

Such sweet words; priceless, really. Yes, I need to advance my business projects, but there is always 4am for that. Time together and her feeling like that, you just can’t put a price on it.

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