Feeling Right About Her Childhood (Stability, Bond, Quality Time)

Well, if I do get that book together with all my posts about my daughter, maybe this ought to be the final post of the book…

It was late evening, and I’d just picked her up. She was in a good mood. In fact, she seemed especially happy to see me.

Her – “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” she squealed as she got in the car.

Back home, I had her take a shower.

It seemed that she was going to use up half the water resources for the city it went on so long, but I thought, “She’s singing. Let her just unwind after a day of activity.”

She finally emerged into the kitchen where I was preparing some cucumber, carrots and turkey bits. She started dancing around…

Her – “I feel incredible with you!”

I smiled, handed over her snack and started working on her school lunch.

Her – “I feel right that I grew up with you.”

Her words took me by surprise. I turned to her and embraced her

Me – “Awww, honey, that means so much to me. And, I’m so happy that you look at your childhood that way.”

Her – “I love you.”

Me – “You can watch some TV before bed, if you like.”

Her – “Yay!”

She hopped on over to the great room and called out-

Her – “I feel really healthy with you, because you give me live foods, and that’s the key to a healthy life!”

I smiled again.

It’s funny because the other day I was beating myself up. I told myself, “Eric, here you have all these creative talents for writing, performing, and film-making and I don’t have anything significant to show for it. What have you done with the last ten years?”

But then I paused and told myself, “I’ve raised my daughter. I’ve put my heart and soul into that. That’s my achievement.”

Her – “I feel right that I grew up with you.”

What could be more of a confirmation than that?

And, as for my creative side, well, here’s to being a late bloomer. They say a bamboo shoot grows underground for years and years before it shoots out of the ground with astounding pace and reaching incredible heights.

Maybe I’m a bamboo shoot.

Who knows.

But at least my daughter thinks I did right by her. I don’t think I’ll top that in this lifetime.

Happy Daughter equals a Happy Daddy.