Focusing On the Good (Empowering Thinking, Gratitude, Bedtime Routines)

It was time for her to fall asleep, and, as I often do, I said, “What was beautiful about your day? Can you think of three things?”

Usually, she yawns out, “You” as she nuzzles into her pillow, at which point I prompt some special moments or thoughtful acts from others that came her way. Tonight was no exception.

My Valentine’s Day surprise for her

The Valentine’s things she brought to her classmates

That even though her lip got injured at a school even by accident it healed up

The special meal Nonna made for her

The warm way Pa greeted us when we arrived at their house

Midway through, she perked up…

Her – “Daddy, you always say three things but then we end up doing seven or eight.”

Me – “That’s because there are always so many beautiful things to find in your day. We just have to look for them.”

She murmured in agreement

Me – “That way when you grow up, you’ll be conditioned to look for the good in life. People will say to you, “Wow, you’re so positive, loving and happy. Why is that?” You’ll be able to say, “I look for the good in others and in life.” It doesn’t mean that you ignore things that need to be fixed or addressed. It just means you keep your focus mainly on the good.”

And with that she drifted off to sleep.

Indeed, from start to finish, it was a good to day. And, well, when you think of the things going on in the world where people are in pain and hurting, well, I’d say it was a perfect day.

Christmas All Year (Happiness, Quality Time, Home Life)

We were just finishing up making slime and about to head out to the trampoline. She was singing Christmas songs again. I didn’t say anything but took note. She commented for me.

Her – “Daddy, whenever you hear me singing Christmas songs it means I’m happy.”

Me – “Well, I’ve been hearing a lot of Christmas songs, lately.”

Her – “That means I’m happy.”

Never thought I’d say this, but I hope to be hearing Christmas music still in July…

“Our Life Together is Good” (Stability, Bond, Quality Time)

This morning, before we zoomed out the door to school, while she was getting dressed and my school lunch readying duties were finished, I decided to fold some of our laundry…

Suddenly, she appeared around the corner…

Her – “Daddy, we have a good life together.”

Needless to say, I was surprised by her early morning, out-of-the-blue remark, and, of course, very touched that she feels that way about our relationship, home life and journey.

Me – “Aww, that is so sweet. We do have a good life together.”

We embraced for a bit

Me – “What about our life together is good?”

I was curious to hear what she would focus in on – the play dates I set up for her, tennis or soccer, our bedtime routine for her, jumping together on the trampoline, maybe the healthy foods I make sure she eats, or even prompts to clean up after herself and help around the house much to her short-term dislike…

She didn’t choose any of those. She simply said…

Her – “That you’re amazing.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting that, but it felt good to hear from her.

One can never be perfect as a parent, but if you know your child is feeling deep contentment about herself and her life while she is with you, well, that’s about as perfect an outcome as you can get, I suppose.

It makes all the efforts worth it.

Much gratitude to all the family and friends near and far who have consistently contributed to her journey thus far, and here’s to the next ten years.

The best is yet to come!