Always and Forever (Stability, Bond)

This morning, we were about to head out for her school. Atypically, she was in the lead as I had yet to get my shoes on. While tying my laces, she stood there, lunchbox slung across her shoulder, staring at me.

Just as I finished the first shoe, she spoke…

Her – “Dada, you’ve been the best daddy my whole life.”

My eyes immediately moistened as she stepped up and embraced me.

I knew what she was saying beyond her sweet words – that I’ve always been there for her and always made her my priority.

Me – “Thank you, honey. That means a lot to me. Nothing is more important to me than you.”

She came around the back of the chair and hugged me as I tied my other shoe. As I stood up, I assured her that nothing will change that.

Me – “And the best is yet to come… adventures, traveling, new experiences…”

She smiled, and off we went.