Hi, and thanks for visiting ‘Isabella Blossoming.’

So, who is this sappy Daddy writing all of these posts?

Well, I wear many hats in my creative life as a writer, film-maker, coach, and entrepreneur, but the one I’m most passionate about by leaps and bounds is being a father and the wonderful challenge of helping my daughter have a rich childhood.

Ironically, if you had asked me in my 20s and 30s if I wanted children, you’d probably have heard, “I think my life path has something to do with empowering children, but I’m not sure about having my own.” It seemed to me that, being so passion-driven, my lifework, whatever that became, would be my surrogate child.

In early April, 2008, however, there was no long a need to ask or ponder this question. We were at the hospital and the nurses were staring and laughing as tears streamed down my face in jubilant expectation of my daughter’s arrival.



Over the next 1-2 years, events unfolded such that I became not only a single father but the primary parent, caring for her nearly full-time. It has been my passion to care for my daughter. Like all parents, it has prompted growth in me in countless ways.

As all parents know, kids say the most amusing and profound things. Early on, I started jotting these moments from our journey down. I’d scribble them as they came up on scraps of paper at stop lights or squeeze in writing them while dinner cooked.

Eventually, I started posting them on Facebook. To my surprise, of all the things I wrote or shared, my touchy-feely posts about life with my daughter received the most attention. On many occasions, friends would say, “You should write a book!’ That was never a conscious intention.

All my posts are organized now here on this blog, and, indeed, I am coming out with a book in October, 2017. My hope is that it will be a useful gift to parents and grandparents, especially new fathers. Perhaps it will help them clarify their parenting intentions and avoid some of the trial and error I went through.

I hope what I share on my blog amuses you and touches you in some way related to the kids in your life. They are magical beings among us.


Eric Tate

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